Companies trying to use bots in HR-related functions: Study

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Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) are starting to pilot the use of bots in HR-related functions.

According to a study by Greyhound Research titled Emerging Markets CHRO Priorities 2016, after talking to 750 CHROs, 6 per cent of them are considering possible application of bots in HR-related functions.

A bot is a a software-based agent capable of human-like interactions, designed to automate human tasks of a repetitive, scripted nature powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, or other similar methodologies. Bots are meant to handle complex tasks at extreme scales more efficiently and at cheaper costs compared to humans.

“While this may be a small number today, at Greyhound Research, we believe this is an important trend which needs due attention,” says Anshoo Nandwaani, Vice President and Principal Analyst with Greyhound Research.

The usage of bots has already started by companies like Telegram, YouTube, in areas such as improvement in customer engagement, but using it in HR is largely unexplored.

For bots to be truly adopted by this workforce, organisations need to think beyond productivity and focus on workforce experience and empowerment throughout the employee lifecycle, added Nandwaani.

The lifecycle that Nandwaani refers to consist of recruitment, onboarding employees to exiting an organisation, among others.

Source: The Hindu Business Line

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