Disturbed Sleep Now A Thing Of The Past With Rest Bed Elements Of Rest

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Unveiled on 6 January 2015 at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, The ReST Bed is a smart mattress that customises your sleep experience. The ReST Bed’s main components include a patented pressure sensing smart fabric, below which are embedded 18 air chambers, which connect to a silent air pump controlled by a microprocessor.  While you sleep, the ReST Bed’s smart fabric measures the pressure exerted by your body on the mattress surface, collecting over 2,000 body data points in real-time. This data is then passed on to the microprocessor in the pump, which then pushes or pulls out air from the multiple air chambers to allow for different firmness for different body zones to reduce the pressure on your body. The ReST Bed thus auto-adjusts itself to provide you a sound sleep even when you toss and turn.

Some noteworthy features in The ReST Bed include:

Individualized body support: It has five independently variable zones that anatomically correspond to your Head, Foot, Shoulders, Lumbar and Hips, providing individualized support.

Adaptive Sleep Thinking: At the core of ReST Bed is Adaptive Sleep Thinking technology and its patented smart fabric with in-built sensors that analyses change in pressure with body movement.

ReSTdash app: The smartphone/tablet app provides a personal performance dashboard and sleep stats, which help you gain an insight into your sleep pattern and help maximize your sleep effeciency.

Wi-Fi: As it supports Wi-Fi, ReST Bed can be integrated into a connected home to create the perfect sleep environment, such as temperature, light, and sound controls.

The ReST Bed supports two operating modes:

  • Automatic: The mattress analyses the pressure points as you sleep and auto-adjusts in real-time to relieve pressure.
  • Manual: You can pre-define your comfort level.

ReST Bed is available in various sizes, including Flexhead King, King, Queen, Split King and Twin XL.

Hot or Not?

What’s Hot: As ReST Bed supports Wi-Fi, it can be connected with your home to control sound and light to create a better sleeping environment. The smart fabric is made of Lycra, so it is breathable, durable and undetectable—it doesn’t interfere with your sleeping positions. Stellar Point: Per the product brochure, the ReSTdash app can provide insights about body position and movement which may prove helpful in diagnosing sleep disorders like apnea, insomnia, or restless leg syndrome. You can adjust ReST Bed’s settings as per your doctor’s recommendations.

What’s Not: If you use a Queen or King ReST Bed, you have to complete all setup steps twice over – once for each side of the bed. Important information about the ReSTdash App such as Availability (App Store/ Google Play Store) or Compatibility (IoS / Android) is not easily available on the website or in the product brochure. The starting price of USD 5249 may be daunting for some users.

The Bottomline: At Greyhound Research, we believe that with features like its patented Adaptive Sleep Thinking™ technology, patented pressure sensing surface fabric (proven effective by leading medical centers like the Atlanta Spine Center and Memorial Sloan-Kettering) and auto-adjusting capabilities, the ReST Bed may prove helpful for home care patients, sleep disorder patients, individuals with back pain or spinal problems and who have been advised bed rest for long duration. That said, we want you to know that while the ReST Bed may help track certain sleep data, it should not be mistaken for a device that can treat sleeping disorders or insomnia. Also, we believe to help cope with today’s high stress lifestyle, comfortable sleep has become a necessity for one and all and with its current pricing (USD 5249 – 10499), the ReST Bed does not fall into the affordability bracket of the masses. The company should relook the pricing to make the ReST Bed more affordable and to increase mass appeal.

Would you want to invest in a smart bed like this? Leave us a line (or two) to let us know.

Picture Courtesy: ElementsOfRest.com

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