Ankur Warikoo Working On A New Script For Nearbuy

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An old lady runs through the narrow corridors of a slum, chasing two thieves, who had apparently robbed her bag. Twenty seconds into the chase, the old lady grabs them and hits them on to the ground. The video ends with a message – “Karate classes for just Rs 149.” This was the advertisement of Groupon India, the Indian subsidiary of US-based ecommerce marketplace Groupon Inc, in 2013.

Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and CEO at Greyhound Research, says, “Growth in the coupon market has plateaued. Facebook and Google are getting very aggressive across the country. These are players that have exclusive footprint all over the country to. Coupon players will be competing with these behemoths.”

He adds that coupon players will have to devise a clear strategy for growth in such a competitive market.

Source: VCcircle

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