The challenge of mobility and the cost of BYOD fleets

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In March 2013, ZDNet reported that the size of the 2013 bring-your-own-device (BYOD) market would be double that of 2012, making BYOD truly mainstream. Sixty eight percent of respondents in the same research report said that getting buy-in from staff presents no challenge to a BYOD workplace program (no surprise, given how much we all love our own phones and tablets), but of the aspects reported as “a very big challenge”, most responses were for “devising a security policy” and “implementing appropriate mobile device management [MDM] software”.

A more recent study by Greyhound research confirms how many enterprise IT departments are getting on board, and also how many seem ill equipped to do so. Seventy percent of respondents have plans for BYOD, but 30 percent of those have no concrete security or policy plans in place.

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