Sikka Spins Infosys Into A Digital Company

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There is a change brewing in Infosys. Under Vishal Sikka’s direction there are a few things that are already presenting themselves as fresh and innovative. But can Infosys become the pioneer of automation without losing its tag as a great employer and a stellar stock marker performer. Look at the incremental changes, like the acquisition of Skava and Panaya, that are happening, within the company, to understand why Sikka wants to brand Infosys as a digital company without frightening investors and employees. There are several challenges along the way especially when he quotes the late professor Mashelkar famous words “do more with less for more.”

“Infosys was not clear about the AI and the digital piece. Surely Infosys has been doing projects and they may announce these in the long run,” says Sanchit Vir Gogia, CEO of Greyhound Research.Twitter_logo_blue  

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