H-1B, Singapore Protectionism: Calm Down, This Is No Do Or Die Battle, Indian IT Has Weathered Bigger Storms

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With the latest missive from the Donald Trump administration on H-1B visa, cautioning companies against misuse, the immigration issues of the Indian IT sector are back in news. And it is not the US alone that is drumming up protectionism for political gains. However, industry observers say that Indian IT services companies are resilient enough to weather such issues.

“Merit will pay respect to seniority and use-cases. Isn’t that good for the Indian IT sector,” asks Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and CEO of Greyhound Research.

“Don’t we have reservations in India? Many states ask for reservation for locals. What is wrong in what the Trump administration is doing or with the Singapore government devising protectionist policies for its people,” asks Gogia. He feels that body shops that ship IT talent which could have been hired locally abroad will be the ones to be hit by the H1-B visa and other rules put out by countries like Singapore.


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