H1B fee increase sends Indo-US relations south

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2015 was a particularly eventful year for contentious debates surrounding H1B visas within the context of Indian IT services firms. The last bit of acrimony which had US tech workers fuming was the replacement of IT workers at Disney as well as SCE (a southern Californian utility) in mid-2015 by India’s TCS and Infosys respectively. This time around, it is Indian IT services firms and their cheerleaders who are gnashing their teeth.

“the IT firms will pass the extra money they have to incur on visa fees to their clients,” said Sanchit Gogia, Chief Analyst & CEO of Greyhound Research, an independent IT and Telecom Research and Advisory firm.

Plus, according to Gogia, IT firms are not exactly short of revenue streams to absorb the impact of the hike.

Source: ZDNet

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