Analysts don’t see Apple iPadPro take a big bite of Indian Enterprise pie

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From the demos and the presence of Microsoft touting its productivity applications like Office 360 and Adobe with Photoshop, it was clear that Apple’s big iPad Pro announcement was about business users. Thus far, the iPad was seen as a content consumption device, but Apple clearly wants to transform it into a content creation device and a possible laptop replacement.

But Greyhound Research CEO Sanchit Gogia has a slightly different take, though he too doesn’t believe the iPad Pro will be widely accepted. He argues that price cannot be a driving factor in the enterprise. “Nobody is going to buy this kind of product just looking at cost, but it will be bought based on functionality or purpose,” he explains.

A keyboard accessory, larger screen, support for CAD software, etc, are pluses. Users can also run multiple apps in enterprise scenarios. But at the same time, Gogia points out that the market for iPad Pro would be still a restricted one because the tablet market itself is a dying one. “Apple iPad Pro may find takers in design houses, export houses, the hospitality sector, or where they need to process electronic documentation,” he explains.


Gogia sums up, “There will be certain use cases, there are areas where Apple will do better, there might be some applications that perform better on Apple compared to other mobile environments. But, all in all iPad Pro will not be big enough to displace others in the Indian enterprise scenario.”

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