Google to continue to sharpen focus on India

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Google Inc. is continuing to sharpen its focus on its India business by attempting to get more non-English speaking users online, providing more offline content to users with poor bandwidth, boosting the growth of its Android ecosystem, and helping more small businesses access the Internet, according to a senior company official.

In terms of serving businesses, Greyhound Research believes Google is doing well to strengthen its position in India.

“While the company has enjoyed strong adoption for Google Apps with SMEs (small and medium enterprises), not much success has been achieved with large enterprises that remain unsure given the complex nature of their needs, need for offline access of documents, perceived security threats among other reasons,” Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief analyst and chief executive of the research firm, said.

But Microsoft Corp., with its dominant marketshare among big businesses, is offering a stiff challenge.

“While broadly, both Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Corp.’s Office 365 are in the same category, the latter offers a great balance between both offline and online access,” Gogia said.

Source: Livemint

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