Firms Relying On Digital Transformation To Counter Disruption In Ecosystem: Survey

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Disruption appears to be the new norm in India, with over 90 per cent of enterprises stating they have experienced disruption, and another 26 per cent unaware of how their industry would look three years down the line, according to a new survey.

Dell Technologies, along with Greyhound Research, conducted a survey in the country to understand what 120 digitally mature organisations are doing differently.

“Over and beyond reassessing business models and competitive landscape, CXOs are now required to include digital transformation as a frontrunner in their growth agenda.”

“While investments in digital transformation are already underway, the study confirms that 63 per cent of large organisations in India are investing in IT infrastructure and digital skills to compete with start-ups,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and CEO, Greyhound Research, in a statement.

Source: Hindu Business Line

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