Firms Gear Up For Extended WFH

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Some startups aim to have most of their employees work permanently from home, in the wake of tech giants Facebook, Google, and Twitter announcing such measures for their employees till 2021.

“COVID19 is a watershed moment, and a new set of realities are emerging as a consequence. Fact is, the impact of this pandemic will be felt in ripples that will hit us well after it is over, and we definitely need to be prepared.

While some companies are taking measures like salary cuts and putting employees on furlough, others are reducing the burden by rationalising their spend on office spaces and having their employees work-from-home for the foreseeable future.

While this does mean initial investment to ensure secure availability of corporate resources from remote locations, in the long term, it is expected to help reduce the burden on the company’s fixed costs.

This move is also a win for employees who don’t need to spend excruciating time on the road to travel to work and need not spend money on fuel and other expenses. Of course, this also reduces stress on our environment and hence overall works out better.

Having said that, this will add tremendous stress to the commercial real estate market that has been a rather fruitful business for many.,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief executive officer and chief analyst Greyhound Research.

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