Companies To Seek Technological Intervention To Reinforce Business Post-Pandemic Shutdown

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Companies across sectors are more likely to look out for advanced tools and technologies that could facilitate their business growth multifold once the shutdowns following the Coronavirus pandemic are lifted worldwide, a top Verizon executive said.

Australia-based Robert Le Busque, Managing Director at Verizon Asia Pacific,  was discussing the adoption of newer technologies and Cybersecurity threats in the wake of Coronavirus or Covid-19 outbreak, with Sanchit Vir Gogia, top analyst and chief executive of technology research and advisory firm Greyhound Research.

Gogia said that digital technologies would be considered as key differentiator for the enterprise sector in the present course and in a post-pandemic period.

“The healthcare sector currently lacks secure networks and applications, making them a soft target for cyberattacks,” the chief analyst of Greyhound Research said.

The enterprises, according to Gogia, are undertaking best practices while working indoors, with a focus to regain lost revenues, and the ones with better cashflow would win.

“There is a need to optimise resources while maintaining business continuity. The companies need to focus on data management to re-energise their business and emerge as winner organisations,” he said.

Gogia further said that Chief Risk Officers of companies should be allowed some space to discharge their responsibilities during a crisis since the organisations are driven by its inner outlook towards risk management.

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