Catch Sanchit Vir Gogia at CeBIT India to discuss Internet Of Things

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What is the event all about?

The central theme for 2014 is “New Perspectives in IT Business”. This central theme sets the background for the keynotes from industry thought leaders. The CeBIT Global Conferences programme travels to India as part of our unified global brand strategy. The CGC programme will deliver content on the 4 Forces that are shaping the Business Technology Ecosphere:   Big Data – Social Business – Mobility – Cloud

Catch Greyhound Research and our Chief Analyst & Group CEO, Sanchit Vir Gogia at a panel discussion on Internet of things – transforming lives and business

What is the Discussion about?

Much is being written about the Internet of Things these days. IoT or IoE is really about networks, devices, people and processes – and how these are all getting interconnected. The enabling technologies are mobility, cloud computing, big data analytics and social – a collective term for this is SMAC.

But IoT technology will require heavy engineering, technical expertise and of course, plenty of funding for research. No single organization will be capable of providing an end-to-end IoT solution. Rather, it will involve an ecosystem of players offering different components, at different layers of the stack. Government and Policy makers will need to frame guidelines to protect a user’s privacy and to prevent misuse.

The innovations and breakthrough technologies for IoT will come from the start-ups, with funding from venture capitalists. These start-up will be deemed as “disrupters” and their IP and companies may eventually be acquired by IT behemoths or other disrupters such as Google, Salesforce and Amazon. What we are witnessing right now are partnerships between consumer electronics companies and the start-ups offering this innovation.

Panellists will offer perspectives on what it would take for IoT technology to become mainstream and affordable. They will talk about current and future applications in verticals like manufacturing and healthcare. How will IoT transform business? How should organizations prepare?


  • Abhishek H Latthe, Founder & CEO at SenseGiz, Inc.
  • Philip Krause, General Manager at Siemens India Limited
  • Shalini Kapoor, Chief Architect-Internet of Things at IBM
  • Nagaraj V Dixit, Director Wireless Connectivity Solutions, Texas Instruments India
  • Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst & Group CEO of Greyhound Research

Moderator: Brent Goff, Main News Anchor & Host of “AGENDA with Brent Goff” – DW-TV (Deutsche Welle) English

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When & Where? 

14 November, 2014; 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m at BIEC (Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre).