As MapmyIndia enters Google territory, can it beat the Goliath of internet?

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It was a late January morning. Bitter winter had just taken leave of Delhi. Rakesh Verma, founder and CEO of MapmyIndia, settled down in his Jaguar, tapped on the built-in navigator and entered the destination: Kailash Colony Metro Station, barely four kilometres from his home in Block S, Greater Kailash II. Rashmi Verma, his wife and co-founder of MapmyIndia, took her seat and launched the MapmyIndia app on her iPhone. She entered the same destination.As the car moved, they compared notes on the two versions of the mapping and navigation software.

IT and digital sector analyst Sanchit Vir Gogia of Greyhound Research says MapmyIndia’s new app is already “too late” and should have come into play a few years ago. 

Gogia of Greyhound Research is of the opinion that while MapmyIndia has a definite place in the ecosystem, they should have been on the app earlier. “They have lost a few critical years, but growth possibilities are huge. Mapping remote parts of India even as ecommerce and other businesses expand across the country clearly presents a business case. Pin code integration is something that has not been done by Google, and MapmyIndia has an advantage,” Gogia adds. 

He also stresses on the “Indian face” advantage that MapmyIndia enjoys, especially with government projects — he refers, in this aspect, to Paytm, which has the backing of Alibaba but cannot be successful in India without the face of Vijay Shekhar Sharma. 

Gogia worries about something else — a perceived lack of aggression on the part of MapmyIndia. 

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