WNS Gets Deeper Into Healthcare With Tuck-In Buys

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NYSE-listed Business Process Management (BPM) company WNS was always on the lookout for niche and tuck-in acquisitions to augment its capabilities, and the latest in the series is not much different. The focus of the two recent acquisitions was to strengthen its healthcare and insurance verticals.

“From a healthcare and insurance perspective, WNS happens to have a significant presence but needed a shot in the arm as far as analytics is considered. The acquisition is to improve its insurance and healthcare verticals, and this acquisition is not very expensive one, and it would help the company in providing tailored offerings to clients,” Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and CEO at Greyhound Research, said.

“Further, the company could be incubating it more from a product point of view,” he added.


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