What Does Microsoft PowerShell’s Availability On Linux Means To Enterprises And CIOs?

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Overall, the global software developer community and enterprises have given a positive response to Microsoft’s recent move to make its automation and scripting platform PowerShell available to Open source software Linux including Ubuntu, Centos, Red Hat and Mac OS X platforms.

According to Greyhound Research‘s Chief Analyst & CEO Sanchit Vir Gogia, enterprises today are going through massive transformation where the CIOs and IT heads are putting efforts in modernizing business applications and that’s where Open source software and technologies strongly dominate.

“Unlike Microsoft, AWS has a strong presence and support to Open source based application developments and support. So Microsoft has no choice but to try and catch-up and hence this development shouldn’t be taken likely,” said Gogia.

From enterprise perspective, Microsoft’s move means “cost normalization” in longer term, according to according Gogia, which would enable reduction in costs of software licenses, platforms and infrastructure support as well as better management in terms of IT applications. These benefits will be more visible over next 2-3 years rather than on immediate basis.

Source: ETCIO.com

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