Verizon Breach Report: An Analysis | Security Leaders on How India Must Respond to Trends

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Verizon’s recently released 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report finds that even as attacks rapidly increase in complexity, cyber criminals still rely on tried-and-true techniques such as phishing to compromise organizations.

Technology alone cannot combat cyberthreats, says Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief analyst and group CEO at Delhi, India-based Greyhound Research. Along with investing heavily in security products and services, companies need to spend on people and training. Providing training to local technology service providers to create security awareness will also propel enterprise security adoption in India, he believes.

Miscellaneous errors, crimeware, insider threats and privilege misuse account for 75 percent of all security incidents, the report finds. Greyhound’s Gogia says, given that large number of organizations in India, including SMBs, are moving workloads to the cloud, security threats have become more complex. Furthermore, with increasing dependence on third parties and managed service providers, enterprises first need to identify the existing complexities, both in-house as well externally. Weak data security laws add to the dismal picture, he says.

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