The Bug Busters

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Avekshaa checks for bugs in the client’s software code and ensures that all its components run smoothly.

They say the strength of the chain is in the weakest link. This adage can be applied to, say, data flow management in a connected car ecosystem. The data generated by the car’s telematics system and the mobile device is transmitted through a network and stored in a server. On top of this “pipe” is middleware and a firewall protecting the data shared between corporates, consumers, telecom operators and dealerships. If this ecosystem does not maintain a continuous flow and, if any latency in the software sets in, it may be catastrophic for the company — a system failure can send its fortunes reeling. Hence, the need for experts to avert a situation of this sort. Such an expert is the Bangalore-based startup, Avekshaa.  

To Avekshaa’s credit, it is vendor-agnostic and can ease the pain points of a firm’s products by testing them in a multi-vendor scenario. “Indian entrepreneurs have been successful in building business-to-business services. Startups that provide flexibility, with automation, will be the ones to work with large companies,” says Sanchit Vir Gogia, CEO of consulting firm Greyhound Research.  Twitter_logo_blue


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