TCS’s Global Head Of IT Infrastructure Succumbs To Massive Heart Attack At 53

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Global head of IT Infrastructure Services at TCS, Amit Jain died of a massive heart attack a couple of days ago. He was 53. Sources said, Jain succumbed to the heart attack in the middle of a presentation to a senior executive of TCS. They said, the pressure of enabling the offshore delivery centre for ‘Work From Home’ in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, combined with sheer exhaustion for not having slept for an entire week, were the major reasons for his massive heart attack.

“All companies have a moral obligation to treat their employees well and not add any undue pressure. In such uncertain times, empathy isn’t a matter of choice and honchos must treat everyone else the same way they would like to be treated. Having said that, with little or no experience in managing such situation, confusion is natural, but then, one must err on the side of caution” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst, Greyhound Research.

“In the current state of affairs, clients and other stakeholders will understand delays and other slips in delivery and business objectives must take a back seat. It is important to remember when its all over, current and future employees, vendors and clients will measure these companies on the compassion they offered during such trying times” asserted Gogia.

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  1. TCS will move on and it is BAU…. But it is an irreplaceable loss for the family….. Nothing is more important than one’s family…. Please let us all work with this in mind….

  2. You are paid hefty salary to face such situation and if you cannot absorb the pressure , leave IT industry.
    Major IT folks today risk danger of heart, nervous system breakdown. You have to pay heavy price for better life LOL……
    Money can’t buy everything !!!!!!!
    Enjoy your job by absorbing pressures .. is a skill not everyone understands.
    I m an IT professional, jobless since 3 years,
    I do understand the fun of working on scripts , Disaster recovery, ………and major deliverables ………

    My deephearted condolence …..May his soul RIP.

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