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Analysts say no performance pressure on Sikka for at least two quarters.

Even as big hopes have been pinned on Infosys’ new Chief Executive Officer Vishal Sikka, experts believe that the Street is in a patient wait-and-watch mood and there won’t be a pressure for performance on the first non-founding leader of the Bangalore-based company for at least a couple of quarters.

“In the short term, Sikka will need to build internal confidence. Getting a buy in from senior management, addressing investors, areas of improvement, becoming more hand on to the business are key focus areas that he will need to look at,” said Sanchit Gogia, chief analyst and CEO of Greyhound Research, an independent IT and telecom research and advisory firm.

“In the mid-term, Sikka will need to further partnerships and alliances particularly in emerging tech and markets. Attrition is one aspect that requires monitoring, setting of mid managers; investing in people is going to critical in midterm. Sikka will personally add immense wealth to alliances with product firms and to the hived off software firm.”

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