Social business is the way ahead

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Years ago, it was just unthinkable that you would decide whether to watch a movie or not on the basis of short and snappy reviews posted by strangers, indulge in blatant narcissism by posting ‘selfies’ and revel in the ‘likes’ your ‘statuses’ get. However, the phenomenal growth of social media over the years has changed all of this. In fact, these days, most of your food visits Instagram before you taste it.


“Earlier things were simple. Now, internal collaboration is important. There is also pressure from Facebook, Twitter. If they (companies) block Facebook, Twitter, they need to fill that void,” says Sanchit Vir Gogia, Founder and CEO, Greyhound Knowledge GroupGogia adds that social business is about “taking internal intranet to the next level and making people connect.”


Gogia rightly points out, “Earlier, it was customer service, then came customer engagement. Now it is all about contextual customer engagement.”


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