Greyhound Research says, Emerging Market Enterprises support Apple Products

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To better understand the change in the consumer behaviour regarding use of mobile gadgets, the IT research and advisory firm of Greyhound Knowledge Group, Greyhound Research has conducted a survey of 300 senior IT decision-makers in the APJ and MEA regions. The study covered seven key verticals including Manufacturing, Retail, Professional Services, Media & Entertainment, among others.

Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst & Group CEO of Greyhound Research, said, Enterprises in the APJ and MEA regions are clearly beginning to bite the apple! While this definitely raises a question on the dominance of Windows, Greyhound Research believes Windows continues to be the platform of choice for enterprises for the foreseeable future. However, with increasing need to support Apple’s products, IT decision-makers must watch out for potential areas of pitfall.

Some of the key trends that emerged from this study highlight that, in emerging markets, Apple products are making their presence felt in the enterprise. Interestingly, while iPhone and iPad continue to be the most used apple products, Mac is increasingly gaining traction. The survey tells us that Apple users are spread across multiple types – while the younger population in APJ and MEA continues to lead adoption, the senior, well-paid executives are the next biggest base of users for Apple’s products.

Another key finding of the survey reveals that, while enterprise IT teams continue to use and support windows as the primary platform, they are increasingly supporting (or planning) to support Apple’s products.

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