6 Opportunities For Enterprise Channels in 2013

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Opportunities are what we constantly seek. But, often, to access them we need to know where to look. For many partners, the budgetary restrictions of a slothful economy have proved detrimental to growth. But this new fiscal is not one for brooding. It is one that can offer big rewards. There are huge opportunities available for those who have a nose for success. Government initiatives, the insatiable appetite of mobile consumers, and under-served markets, are all in readiness to incorporate and nurture the next big money spinning venture of small and big channel partners alike. It is for solution providers to surmount the challenges of the present and keep pace with the opportunities before them. So, before you strategize about your next move for the new fiscal, take a look at these six exciting avenues where you can find better opportunities to invest and build a robust business.

The Union budget has also offered some wriggle room for partners to maneuver in this sector. “The Budget has provided a plethora of new opportunities for partners. There will be demand for datacenters as new mini-economic zones are being set up. Therefore, boxpushers can look forward to a beneficial stint in the government sector,” says Sanchit Gogia.

But, there are some restrictions when it comes to the kind of adoption the government sector is open to. Virtualization, BI, and the cloud may not happen immediately, believe partners. “Channel partners should not be pitching the cloud, or big data solutions, etcetera. They should stick to catering to the basic technology needs of various departments,” says Gogia.

These zones provide opportunities  for channel partners. “It is a good ‘foot in the door’ opportunity for partners,” says Sanchit Gogia.

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