#GreyhoundInMedia: ‘Not many CIOs Aware of Cloud Standards’ #Press #Media @CXOtodayalerts

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Enterprises are increasingly using cloud computing to ensure lowered IT costs and sustainable business growth. Even as IT budgets are on the rise, it is essential for firms to consider open technology as the lynchpin to increase effectiveness of investments.

“Unfortunately, that is not happening. Not many CIOs are aware of standards,” says Sanchit Vir Gogia, group CEO Greyhound Research.

He felt that there is a need to monitor workload. The CIO must make cloud a mechanism and see which data is stored on which cloud.

IBM architect felt that even standards are evolving. “The advantage of cloud is that you can source from other, but standards become important,” he said, underlining the need to bring specifications.

Gogia felt that certificates are important, but what is significant is understanding of back-end processes. A CIO must take virtual stock of the workload before making a decision. “Instead of thinking of how it will be in 2020, what is pertinent is to know what we are doing now, right now,” he said.

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