Microsoft Looks To Get Its Mojo Back

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Rahul Banerjee, vice-president of sales and marketing in a leading consumer goods company, is a road warrior. He spends almost 20 days a month visiting various cities. Earlier, on his trips, he routinely packed his laptop, his iPad and a smartphone along with clothes and other essentials. Now, he has ditched the iPad and his old laptop, as his office has given him a new HP Envy X2 — a Windows 8 hybrid. “I detach the front portion and it is a tablet. I snap on the keyboard and it becomes a full laptop. And it has 128 GB of SSD storage, double that of my iPad 4,” he says.


Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief analyst and CEO of Greyhound Research, says, “It is true that Microsoft is under attack on multiple fronts. But it has deep strengths too. This is no BlackBerry or Nokia to implode suddenly.”

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