How the Lockdown in India Will Change the Face of Gig Economy

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Gig economy is a term you would have often heard of for short-term contractual work. But the three-week lockdown in India is more or less going to change the face of those who’re employed by the sector.

But with the country set to grapple with economic challenges in the coming months, industry experts say this sector will have to recalibrate their working culture.

However, Sanchit Vir Gogia, Founder and CEO, Greyhound Research, believes the gig economy was always designed in such way that it doesn’t have to follow rules of regular employment, allowing them to work with multiple companies at the same time.

“That is how it works by design and purpose.” 

Does this mean Uber drivers, who’re already working long hours, will now handle delivery demands and manage two jobs on the go? “The economic impact will be so huge, the gig workers, coming from dire straits, with no savings, will rely on two jobs,” Sanchit pointed out, showing a bleak future ahead.

“In the short run, the extra workforce will have to come on board. But it has become obvious the e-commerce sector didn’t anticipate the change in consumer demand, and is heavily reliant on the supply chain (which is mostly unorganised), Sanchit opines.

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