More than 75% Indian Organisations Run Their Key Business Functions In Isolation

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As India slips on the Ease of Doing Business Index, it is imperative to understand why businesses are struggling to operate at maximum efficiency levels. Our survey of 1500+ key decision-makers from emerging large organisations established another major problem – More than 75% organisations today are running their key business functions in isolation.  Twitter_logo_blue

Our Annual India Inc. survey did a deep dive to understand most prevalent business challenges for Indian SMBs and Emerging-Large organisations. The following emerged on the top (for the entire list of business challenges, request a free copy of our report by clicking on the banner below)


The approach towards infrastructure-building is broken and it is a hindrance to sustainable growth. The absence of proper infrastructure can cause serious problems to an enterprise’s daily business operations. A total of 71% respondents stated that it was tough operating in conditions where they had to struggle to access basic infrastructure facilities such as power, water, waste management and connectivity to ensure business continuity  Twitter_logo_blue

Technology is disrupting businesses and changing the way people consume products and services. Over 71% decision makers felt that a conducive ecosystem to facilitate technology transfer from vendors to seekers was missing.  Twitter_logo_blue

Working capital and credit management is a significant issue paralyzing organisations. A total of 69% of the surveyed organisations stated that lack of timely credit flow creates a vicious circle of incapacity and leads to compromises on technology, marketing, and building a skilled workforce. ….To get more insights, request for a free copy of our report by clicking on the banner below  Twitter_logo_blue


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