From Transactions to Contextual Engagement: Strategy Please?

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“Competitive differentiation depends on pervasive customer engagement in a business environment that is proactive, innovative, agile and people-centric. Using Tom Peters’ principles such as “bias for action,” every person in your organization should be empowered to deliver maximum value to the customer at every moment. Where big data is concerned, experience optimization, next best action, stream computing and self-service contextual analytics can be key components in an action-biased culture that delivers continuous customer satisfaction.” [Adapted from Big Data As a Strategic Asset: Got Guru?]

In our recent #CXO Twitter chat, Sanchit Vir Gogia, Founder & Group CEO, Greyhound Knowledge Group, joined us as we discussed “From Transactions to Contextual Engagement: Strategy Please?”

Here is some of that conversation: IBM Big Data Hub – Twitter Chat

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