From almost selling chappatis online to setting up a successful cloud tech company, how Vinothini Raju did it all

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Vinothini Raju spent a decade in corporate, building and testing network protocols, when she stumbled upon cloud technology. At the time there was a global argument amidst technologists about the merits of storing corporate information in a private or public cloud, or in remote data centres under lock and key. There were naysayers to the merits, but cloud technology was here to stay. The fall in storage and compute prices created a consumer revolution, which in turn changed the way information dissemination happened in enterprises.

“Disruption is a necessity in the IT world and the business of cloud adoption is rapid in the Western markets. The cloud too is being disrupted and DevOps is a high volume low margin business,” says Sanchit Vir Gogia, CEO, Greyhound Research.



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