Digital Startups Will Disrupt Businesses: Study

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Businesses believe digital startups pose a threat to their organisation, either now or in the future, while most fear that they may become obsolete because of competition from these startups.

Specific to India, a study by Greyhound Research (DRIVING OUTCOMES FROM DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – INDIA INC. APPROACH) found that:

 Nine out of ten companies had experienced disruption while 26% (compared to 48% globally) don’t know what their industry will look like in three years. Most enterprises in India who are digital leaders are being driven to this by customer demands, while 42% are feeling the pressure from their own C-suite. The executives surveyed said the biggest barriers to progress included immature digital culture (33%), lack of budget and resources (30%), and lack of right technologies to work at the speed of business (32%). Nearly half (43%) don’t measure their digital transformation success. 

Going ahead, 62% companies said that they would be investing 30% of the 2016 IT budget in transformation projects. This would be in areas like converged infrastructure (80%), analytics, big data and data processing (78%), ultra high-performance compute technologies (82%) and next generation mobile apps (76%) in the next 12 months. About 93% are investing in company-wide data-driven decision-making and 88% are focused on equipping themselves with always-connected, sensor-enabled and location-aware technologies.

A large majority – 87%- said that they face an ongoing need to invest in reskilling their internal IT teams, yet only half rated available internal training resources as fair/ average. Less than 10% rated the internal skills for digital transformation as excellent. Most companies are turning to external help to bring about this transformation, with 86% saying that they are working with system integrators, value added resellers, consultants and other partners to help them on their journey. About 66% of respondents felt that partners add value in explaining the offering, while 39% seek external assistance for training.

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