Smart Collar For Your Smart Dog Buddy By Squeaker

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Created by Squeaker, a pet products company in Australia, Buddy is a smart collar to track your dog’s activity and ensure its safety. Buddy integrates GPS, Bluetooth and a range of sensors to enable you to track the location of your pet through your smartphone. You can connect Buddy with your iPhone or Android device using Bluetooth. Just download the Buddy app onto your device and you are all set.

Touted as the fitness tracker for your dog, the water resistant smart collar includes a number of functionalities that are present in human fitness trackers, right from activity monitoring, health statistics, food scanner, setting goals to sending out alerts and reminders.

Noteworthy features in the Buddy smart collar include:

Customisable LED Effects: Buddy smart collar allows you to customise the LED lighting to display a colour combination of your choice, which makes your dog easily spottable.

Temperature Monitoring: Equipped with a temperature sensor, Buddy alerts you if your dog is too hot or cold.

Geofencing + GPS Tracking: It allows you to ensure safety of your dog by enabling you to set-up a geofence and notify you in case it leaves the pre-defined boundaries.

Social Community: Buddy has a social platform which enables you to connect with other dog owners, share and like photos and compare daily routines.

The Buddy smart collar is 1.2 inches (3 cm) wide, weighs an estimated 1.3 lb (600 g) and available in three sizes:

  • small (13-18 inches/35-45 cm)
  • medium (18-21.5 inches/45-55 cm)
  • large (21.5-25.5 inches/55-65 cm)

Per the company, the smart collar is currently available for pre-order at Indiegogo at an early bird prize of $180 (for limited time), while the retail price will be $450. The company is expected to start shipping Buddy by December, 2016.

Hot or Not?

What’s Hot: It can remind you about important daily activities (time to feed; time for an evening walk) and appointments of your pet (time for vet check-up). With the social networking feature, you can introduce your dog to other dogs, schedule a walk together or compare goals with other dogs. It promises a battery life of seven to14 days on full charge. Optional Wi-Fi charging dock is also available, which while charging also notifies you in case there’s an alert from your dog’s collar. Stellar Point: Buddy can sync with your smart home products. It can connect with smart home thermostats which will automatically adjust when your dog becomes too hot or too cold. It also has the ability to alert you via your LIFX™ or Phillips™ Hue smart-bulbs, if there’s something urgent and your phone is lying in another room.     

What’s Not: Buddy is designed for dogs, can’t be used for other pets. With current maximum collar size of 25.5 inches, Buddy might not fit big dogs like St. Bernard, Newfoundland, German Shorthair Pointer, and others. Per the company’s Indiegogo page, it will be sending out a survey to gain a better idea of sizing it needs to offer.

The Bottomline:

With Buddy, losing your beloved dog will become a thing of the past, as you can track your dog’s whereabouts anytime, anywhere. Health and activity stats give you a clear picture of your dog’s health. Basis our ongoing interactions with dog owners, Internet of Style believes additions like making health stats available on the collar itself via the OLED display and adding training software can help Buddy take dog care to a new level and add to its appeal. However, its retail price of USD 450 might make it unaffordable for some dog owners.

Would you want to invest in a smart device for dogs like this? Leave us a line (or two) to let us know.

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