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In May 2015, Beddit announced the launch of Beddit Smart, its new low energy compatible sleep monitor. The Beddit Smart sensor is based on Ballistocardiography (BCG). Stick it to your mattress, and its ultra-thin force sensors will measure your sleep activity such as Sleep Time, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Snoring among others, without you having to wear any sensors.

Beddit Smart sensor can be upgraded to support smart sleep measurement by a firmware update available via its iOS app – Beddit 2.0. The current Android app doesn’t support this firmware update. You can choose to buy the Beddit Sensor online through their US/International store or the EU store.

What’s new in the Beddit Smart sensor:

Bluetooth Smart. Beddit Smart supports a newer version of Bluetooth – Bluetooth Smart which allows faster Bluetooth connectivity, speedy pairing with smartphone and less drain on battery.

Smart-Measuring (iOS only). Together with the new version of the iOS app, Beddit 2.0, the Beddit Smart sensor allows automatic start and stop of sleep measurement. You need to select ‘smart measurement’ option on Beddit 2.0 app’s settings and turn on your device Bluetooth. Keep your device in your bedroom or on your nightstand and go to bed/onto the sensor. Beddit will recognize when you go to bed and begin measuring, no tapping or swiping necessary.

 Redesigned interface of the Beddit 2.0 iOS app:

  • Overview. Your night’s main results (Sleep Score, Heart Rate, Sleep Time, Sleep Efficiency %, Respiration Rate) and sleep remarks comparing your nightly data with your sleep history. Allows for quick navigation to previous nights’ results.
  • Card View. Detailed insights to your sleep quality (Sleep Card, Heart Rate Card, Sleep Score Card). Allows side by side comparison of heart rate and sleep curves.

 Hot Or Not?

What’s Hot. Beddit Smart sensor is 0.01 inch thin so you don’t feel its presence. You can use your CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device with Beddit and not distort your sleep results. Just remember to place your smart device away from the CPAP machine so that the sound of the CPAP is not registered as snoring/noise by the device microphone. Its Smart Alarm feature claims to prevent morning grogginess by waking you during a light sleep cycle.

What’s Not. Because current Beddit Android app (version 1.8.0) does not support the firmware upgraded Beddit Smart sensor, the sensor will stop working with your Android device if you complete the firmware upgrade. You have to be careful and avoid any spilling or bed-wetting accidents as there is an electrocution hazard if you get Beddit wet while it is plugged in.

The Bottom Line

The Beddit Smart is not a medical device and should not be used for any kind of medical diagnoses. At Greyhound Research we believe that some of the data which it tracks, like movement during the night and snoring, can act as indicators of potential medical conditions such as sleep apnea and periodic limb movement disorder. Also, data about resting heart rate may prove useful for sports professionals to determine athletic recovery and to optimize training regime.

Here is a snapshot comparison between the Beddit Smart and Beddit Classic.Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 5.20.57 pm

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