Meet The Love Child Of Hermes And Apple: Apple Watch Hermès

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On September 9, 2015, Apple announced a new collection of Apple Watch – Apple Watch Hermès. The collection consists of the Apple Watch in stainless steel case with handcrafted leather straps by Hermès, available in three designs.

Double Tour. 38mm stainless steel case; Hermès leather bands in four colours; US$1250

Single Tour. 38mm stainless steel case; Hermès leather bands in three colours. 42mm stainless steel case; Hermès leather bands in two colours; Starts at US$1100

Cuff. 42mm stainless steel case; Hermès leather band in one colour; US$1500

Per the company, the collection hits the market in October 2015 and will be available for purchase only at select retail stores in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Hot Or Not?

Greyhound Research believes while technology for some is about utility, there are others for whom technology is about style. Think Swarovski covers for smart phones, Ferrari folio cases for tablets among others. Apple has well understood this trend and is adapting accordingly – take iPhone in champagne gold and rose gold colour. Now, by jumping on to the luxury bandwagon with Hermès, they have made a bold and market changing move.

What’s Hot. Apple is coming to the market with three designs (up to four colours) for the leather straps. Added to this, the feature to customize the watch face in three dial designs (inspired by Hermès watches, Clipper, Cape Cod and Espace) is a nice touch of personalization.

What’s Not. While the Cuff allows the heart rate sensor to stay in contact with the wrist, we would have liked for this to be the de facto standard for all bands. In future versions, the Internet of Style Team wishes for the bands to not just add style, but also add intelligence by capturing data. Better tracking of blood flow through the skin and irregular movements like tennis or boxing can help improve the accuracy of the Apple Watch heart rate sensor. More colour options for the leather band in Cuff would also be welcome.

The Bottom Line

At Greyhound Research we believe this Apple and Hermès collaboration has the potential (in theory) to dent the luxury smart watch landscape. It is a joining of forces which adds double muscle, not just to the product, but also to marketing, retail, and post-sale support.

Would you want to invest in a luxury smart watch like this? Leave us a line (or two) to let us know.

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