#GreyhoundInMedia: Viewpoints on @Microsoft: Sanchit Vir Gogia (@s_v_g), Chief Analyst & CEO, Greyhound Research (@Greyhound_R) #Press #Media

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“Given our on-going tracking and engagement with end users, Greyhound Research has consistently given a feedback to the IT vendor Community for the need of local data center strategy. Earlier this morning, our Chief Analyst & CEO, Sanchit Gogia also tweeted about the same. Here’s the link attached to the tweet:  https://twitter.com/s_v_g/status/516775840130924545  

Microsoft business is an interesting mix between reach and depth – reach via WindowsOS and depth via Enterprise relationships. While Microsoft has surely missed the Mobility curve, it still remains to be a formidable player in Cloud and Platform arena. A new local datacentre will also help Microsoft drive newer breed of partners in the country – India has user base to support this. It’s a key strategy for Micorsoft India as it enables partners and customers to adopt Azure and Office365. Microsoft needs to invest in its partner base that can help customers in complex use cases and needs for integration & migration. 

Greyhound Research anticipates a pricing war from Amazon and IBM on public Cloud, however, Microsoft still has an edge on .Net support on Azure and also support java and php. 

Greyhound Research believes, Windows is still the key to success for Microsoft as it offers the reach and expanse that exists with none other. Windows9 has to do a lot to drive consumer interest – post the Windows8 issues; many remain to be skeptical and worried about updates. It’s a critical time for Microsoft to address the start-up eco system requirements with the Mobile- First, Cloud First strategy. 

It is incorrect to write off the success for Microsoft Windows9 basis the lukewarm success of Windows8. That said, what will remain core to Microsoft is its subscription business. Enterprises and consumers can continue to expect path releases, bug fixes and releases. 

Greyhound Research believes that it’s still a matter of worry about Microsoft Device OEM strategy – given the experience of how Slate Tablet was introduced it didn’t offer much for OEM. 

Microsoft must remember that CIOs in Enterprises have a lot more to do than just upgrading the OS, fixing bug patches and releases. Microsoft needs a more unified approach that allows enterprises control across iOS8,  Android environments; it will help keep CIO fancy. 

One of the key things that remains confirmed is Microsoft strategy to target low-cost mobile phones in India – INR 6k to 10k target. 

Although it will be interesting to see if Microsoft ends up giving the OS for free – even if that were to happen, money will still be made on Office365.”

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