Uber Drivers Are Just An Unhappy Lot In This Country

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Uber’s desperate attempt to turn India into its next big market isn’t chugging along smoothly.

On top of regulatory hurdles that Uber has faced in nearly every region it operates in, the company is struggling in “right-sizing” its business model in India even as it nears completing five years since arriving in the country, Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and CEO at Greyhound Research tells Mashable India

But for Uber and Ola, any such waiver isn’t viable anymore, Gogia said. “When the companies started in India, they were focused on ‘land-grabbing'” he added, noting that the goal of the companies was to get as many drivers on their platforms as they could and expand to all the big cities. “And they both have done very well on that front,” he added.

“The land-grab phase is over, and now is the time to right-size their business models to make more money and meet the function of demand and supply,” Gogia said. 

“For drivers who are hoping that the government would take their side, they are in for a big disappointment,” Gogia said, adding that there is “no ethical issue” at play here, and the practice by Uber and Ola are “fair”.


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