#GreyhoundInMedia: Twitter (@TwitterIndia) plans to do part of MIT (@MIT) Media Lab’s LSM research in India #Press #Media @Mint

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Twitter Inc. plans to use India as a base to develop some of the new technologies for media and analytics capabilities that it plans to create as a part of research at the Laboratory for Social Machines (LSM), the creation of which it announced with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab on 1 October.

The purpose of using India as a base for experiments will be mainly to increase ad revenue, according to Sanchit Gogia, chief analyst and chief executive officer of Greyhound Research. “We can well expect Twitter to actively engage large corporate groups with consumer offerings like Pepsi, Airtel and other majors and encourage them to further invest in Twitter-based campaigns. Higher and tighter engagement between brands and consumers on Twitter only means more need for organizations to understand consumer sentiment,” he said.

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