Twitter Chat on Linguify Mobile: Need and Impact of Language localization in Indian IT and Mobile Industry Today?

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FINAL Invite

Join Greyhound Research (@Greyhound_R) and Sanchit Gogia (@s_v_g) for a tweet-up on #LinguifyMobile: Need and Impact of Language localization in Indian IT and Mobile Industry Today?


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WHEN: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 1500 hrs – 1600hrs (IST)

WHERE: or your favourite Twitter app, using #LinguifyMobile

WHAT: From chargeable incoming calls, we now have free outgoing calls! The time of getting into a queue to get a phone, to now when we can even access internet and useful applications on several utilities at the click of button on our Mobiles; we have come really long way. In the world, where Mobile and Apps are our best friends, software is becoming more tightly connected to humans. But in a country which speaks 122 languages, is it fair to be only able to access information in one standard language – English? Does traditional software (available only in English) going to connect with your consumers in the times when brands are doing everything to personalize and enhance customer experience.


  1. In a country where more than half internet users are mobile, how important is language?
  2. How do you see the uptake of language localization in the IT and Mobile industry?
  3. Why do you think suddenly there is a demand for localization of content?
  4. What is the more important, accessing your handset in your own language, your favorite apps or both?


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