This is what #India wants from a Computer

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Personal Computer (PC) manufacturer Dell has announced the findings of a Pan India survey that reveals emerging India’s aspirations. To gain a better understanding of the unique needs of consumers across India, Dell commissioned a study with Greyhound Research titled the ‘The PC User Trends of Emerging India’ across 40 locations with 6,000 respondents that included students, youth and parents.

The study validates the ongoing execution of Dell’s sustained strategy across T1 – T5 markets,which aims at building awareness around PC usage among the next generation of PC users. 

South India – PC users in South India are highly receptive to technology and attach a high degree of value to it

  • Though South India is receptive to technology, some pockets are still hesitant in adopting a PC to enhance each aspect of their lives. 

  • It is interesting to note that 15 per cent students from South India only get access to personal computing devices between the age of 15 and 20 years. However students from south India are far more dependent on the PC for their schoolwork – 46 per cent students respectively stated the same. 

  • This zone also shows dynamic PC usage patterns amongst youth, 63 per cent youth are using their PCs for more than 5 hours daily. 

  • An insight worth noting is that 64 per cent youth stated they were actively using their PC to access and share music and movies – this stands out in comparison to other zones. 

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