Seven things to know before you book Freedom 251

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While the world kept asking questions and Indians remained puzzled, a Noida-based startup, promising a Rs. 251 smartphone, on Friday claimed to have received nearly five crore registrations in just two days.

Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst at Greyhound Research, said there must be some hidden subsidy without which it is not possible to sell at Rs. 251.

“Selling of smartphones is dependent on at least two factors: pricing and experience. I don’t see such things about this smartphone. Also, the customers they are targeting would not be having credit cards,” said Mr. Gogia.

He also said with the founding members of the company not having any technology background and the handset being loaded with ‘Make in India’ apps clearly indicates that there could be some arrangements (at the government level).

Source: Hindu Business Line

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