Greyhound Knowledge Group joins ASSOCHAM Summit

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The Greyhound Knowledge Group has announced that it has partnered officially with the ASSOCHAM’s Second National Innovation Summit and Awards 2013. This summit has been organized to focus on innovation in Business Development, Science & Technology and Social Development.

Sanchit Vir Gogia, Founder & Group CEO, Greyhound Knowledge Group, said, We are honoured to partner with ASSOCHAM for one of India’s most prestigious events on innovation. They have done stellar work to cater to the innovation needs of corporate India and create the right platform for businesses to come together. We commit to adding significant value to this partnership and extend our support to other members in the association.

Sanchit said, The National Innovation Summit creates a platform to foster the spirit of innovation for India Inc. While changing consumer habits are driving much of this change, emerging technologies are aiding to the growth and viability of such entrepreneurial ventures. This is also driving a need for organizations to revisit their hiring policies and re-skill employees to better prepare for the newer forces of the market.

He also focussed on the use of emerging technologies like cloud, mobility, big data and social that organizations can use to become more nimble and respond swiftly to the evolving market conditions.

Source: VAR India

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