Poor Infrastructure Hampers India’s Export Chances in Downturn

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On the outskirts of Bangalore, Karnataka, in a manufacturing unit for Indo-US MIM Tec Private Limited, dozens of workers in blue uniforms stood behind tall, nearly noiseless machines. The equipment pumped and swerved, quietly fusing bits of metal and polymer. Founded in 1997, the company builds a range of parts for cars, factories and consumer goods using a rare manufacturing technique called metal injection molding. It pioneered the technique in India, and claims to be the world’s largest practitioner.

“The government situation today doesn’t make us very attractive to the investment community,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, C.E.O. of Greyhound Knowledge Group, a technology consultancy. He estimates that export growth for the year may barely topple 10 percent.

Mr. Gogia also said that he doesn’t expect to see exports rising considerably soon. Global tech giants are setting up operations in cheaper nations, in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Some Indian outsourcers have joined them. The trend is not slowing, particularly as the Indian economy sputters. “There’s no confidence in bidding with Indian IT companies,” he said. “There’s too much uncertainty.”

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