Owning PC important for residents of metros, tier I towns:Dell

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Residents of metros and tier I cities consider it more important to own a personal computer as compared to their counterparts in tier IV towns, says a study by Dell India.

The study, conducted by Greyhound Research covering 6,000 respondents, found that PCs remain core to content creation.

“While 100 per cent respondents from Mumbai and Delhi stated it as critical to have a PC at home, respondents from tier III and IV towns like Vadodara (50 per cent), Agra (40 per cent) and Meerut (40 per cent) did not see it as important to have PCs at home,” it said.

Also, the dependence on PCs for school work was higher (62 per cent) for students in tier I cities than those in tier IV cities (28 per cent), it added.

About 37 per cent respondents said they used computers at different stages of their lives to manage their critical tasks better and enhance the quality of their lives.

The study was conducted across five groups – parents, students, youth, young professionals and businessmen.

It found that 53 per cent of parents are introducing their children to a PC at young age of 5 to 10 years.

Also, students in smaller towns are relatively more serious about computing.

About 78 per cent students in tier IV towns said it is important to use PCs to manage their classwork and 57 per cent used PCs for gaming and entertainment as compared to 68 per cent students in tier 1 towns saying they used PCs for gaming.

“There is a mind-shift amongst Indian parents that the PC is more than just a gaming and entertainment source but instead is fundamental to their child’s educational and social well-being.”

It is understandable that most parents are overprotective but they are gradually accepting new societal expectations and opening up to letting their children use PCs, he added.

During decision-making, while parents across India seem to struggle most with lack of awareness (57 per cent) and poor customer service (57 per cent), those from tier IV towns like Dehradun (80 per cent), Madurai (70 per cent) and Mysore (70 per cent) also struggle with lack of financing options, the study said.

Interestingly, 44 per cent parent respondents in north India said they didn’t consider it important to take their children’s opinion when buying a personal computing device, while nearly 30 per cent parents in eastern India saw it as an “absolute must”.

Also, 97 per cent respondents who run a business said they depend on their laptops/desktops for computing needs and only three per cent said they use tablets.

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