IT Firms Breathe Easy As Donald Trump Proposes Merit-Based Immigration

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US President Donald Trump’s proposal for immigration reforms to encourage merit-based migration might help export-focused software and information technology (IT) sector.

“This goes to show Trump’s administration has realised how deep-rooted the matter is. It should not only look at salary, but should focus on skills while making any immigration reform,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and CEO, Greyhound Research.

In a note, Gogia said, “Most US-based Fortune 500 organisations are deeply invested and dependent on IT service providers using H1B visas to source skills. These companies actively outsource for both skills and cost advantages — important to note, it is not just the latter that drives the decisions.”


To read the detailed research note on this topic by Greyhound Research, click here.

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