#GreyhoundInMedia: Is Microsoft axing the ‘Nokia brand’? #Press #Media #Voice&Data

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Microsoft’s recent announcements of doing away with Nokia X series, Nokia Asha 40 series smartphones, Nokia McLaren and other budget phones, and over 50% layoffs in Nokia have put the handset major’s future under a question mark. When Microsoft acquired Nokia‘s handset business in April last year in a $7.2 bn deal, one thing was palpable that the software firm was eyeing to strengthen its windows platform and position itself as a hardware maker.

“The way software firm works is very different from how a hardware firm works and vice versa, when a software firm ends up acquiring a hardware-oriented firm there would always be a mismatch around people, mindset, and always be an overlapse. Microsoft is now going back to what it was doing best and focusing on enterprise business, it is doing what it is best at, having said that it’s not a good sign for Nokia and its future is really under a question mark,” said research firm Greyhound Research CEO Sanchit Vir Gogia.

“The move would have a ripple impact,” added Gogia. “OEMs who are supplying equipment to Nokia will be affected as well as other partners who are involved in the ecosystem.”

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