Yes! Computers Are Your Future

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Dell India, the world’s fastest growing Company, reiterated its belief that the Personal Computer can be a foundation device to equip the workforce of the future with skill and learning as well as the potential to excel in a knowledge economy like India.

This declaration comes in the background of Dell’s PC Days campaign in commemoration of the annual World Computer Literacy Day on December 2nd. This is an initiative by Dell to enhance knowledge across the country around PC adoption and the optimal use of PC technology…on occasion I go for event like this- A bloggers meet for the panel discussion on ‘The Gateway to New Age Learning and Overall Development of Young Children – The Personal Computer’.

Panel shared their experiences and views on ‘new age’ parenting. It consisted of-

1. Ritu Gupta, Director, Marketing, Consumer Business, Dell India.

2. Mr. Sanchit Vir Gogia, Founder & CEO, Greyhound Research

3. Gayatri Singh, Founder, Team Explore – Think Stations

4. Harpreet Kaur Sapra, Serial Technology Entrepreneur & Co-Founder at MakersBox

5. Ritu Taneja, Teacher trainer; Educational, Editorial Consultant and Author

There is no doubt that children and people in smaller towns are relatively more serious about computing. Research have shown that While 78% students in Tier-4 consider it important to use PCs to manage their classwork and only 57% uses PCs for gaming and entertainment – as compared to 68% students in Tier 1 (metros) who use PCs mostly for gaming.


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