Today’s Information Generation Expects Personal Experiences; Startups Well-Positioned To Deliver

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The ‘Information Generation’, a new breed of connected consumers – shaped by the availability of information and technology at their fingertips today – is placing new demands on how businesses operate, and digitally native startups are well-positioned to address their needs. This was revealed in an independent survey commissioned by EMC India and conducted by Greyhound Research, which found that business agility is the key business attribute that is allowing startups to disrupt traditional industries. 88% of respondents are able to deliver unique and personalized experiences, with 42% of startups already doing this organization-wide compared with 33% of mid-large enterprises.

“Delivering consistent customer experiences is not a matter of choice anymore. This research study and our ongoing tracking of the market confirm that the startups are taking a clear lead in delivering consistent customer experiences. Our study revealed that the majority of startups felt that the demand for better use of insights was coming directly from customers, and not competitors or partners. Indian startups are able to deliver these unique customer experiences, owing to agile and disruptive business models. Having said this, for Indian startups to continue on this growth trajectory, it is imperative to adopt a culture of process orientation, as learning from legacy organizations. Another interesting find from the study that validates the need for process orientation is that Indian startups are unable optimize information primarily owing to lack of planning and anticipation of data sources, followed by lack of resources and workload constraints and security concerns around using sensitive customer data said Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Futurist, Founder and CEO, Greyhound Knowledge Group.

Source: EFY Times

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