Technology Users are Using Their Mobile Phones to Look up PCs: Ritu Gupta, Dell India

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Dell’s latest research on PC user trends of emerging India in partnership with Greyhound Research has revealed useful insights about the preferences of youth. Youth from tier 2 and 3 cities are heavily focused on creating content on PCs. PCs are a clear priority for them.The youth is still turning to laptops as their go-to computing device. The study reiterates the importance of PCs in a market flooded with smartphones.In the midst of this environment is Dell, which is banking on its expanding retail network and versatile product portfolio to satisfy the demands of consumers with respect to the personal computing device. Rashi Bisaria spoke to Ritu Gupta, Director, Marketing, Consumer & Small Business, Dell India to gain more insights about consumer preferences and Dell’s role in it. Edited excerpts:

The world is fast moving towards m-commerce but in this environment, Dell is discovering that the youth is still focused on the PC. How do you make sense of this paradox?

India offers multiple opportunities and ours is a unique market when it comes to technology adoption. The idea is not to compare a smartphone with a PC. Both devices must be viewed in isolation when it comes to usage and the function they serve in the user’s life. The PC and smartphone are devices which have and will continue to co-exist, by virtue of the fact that a mobile phone primarily serves as a platform for content consumption, whereas the PC is a device meant for content creation and execution of intensive tasks. It continues to play a more important part in the technologically aware audiences across market tiers. To the aspirational youth of the country, the smartphone serves as a window to the world, and the PC unlocks doors to go out into this world and achieve their goals.

To understand the relevance of the PC in India’s emerging towns and cities; Dell carried out an independent study with Greyhound Research titled the ‘The PC User Trends of Emerging India ’across 40 Indian Tier 1 to Tier 4 cities with 6000 respondents, among 4 core user groups i.e. students, youth, young workforce and parents. Insights from the study validated our belief in the continuing importance of the PC in our customers’ lives. These insights also reinforce the ongoing execution of Dell’s sustained strategy across Tier 3 – Tier 5 markets, which aims at building awareness around PC usage among the next generation of PC users.

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