Technology- Boon Or Curse?

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I always use to wonder and was proud of my toddler who used to browse cartoons on YouTube like a pro.  When once I told him that there is no game on my phone, he asked me to download it from the play store and here I was looking at him amazed.  I never imagined a toddler using all these tech words and telling me as if he is teaching me and making me aware. Exposure to mobiles and ipads has made these kids a lot smarter as compared to the size of their tiny brain. And this is exactly the initiative taken by DELL as they are celebrating computer literacy week this month.

And this was their motive behind hosting a wonderful panel discussion on ‘The Gateway to New Age Learning and Overall Development of Young Children – The Personal Computer’.  The panel consisted of Sanchit Vir Gogia, Gayatri Singh, Ritu Taneja and Harpreet Sapra and was hosted by Ritu Gupta, marketing head at Dell.

Sanchit gave us an analytical review on this through a provoking discussion. He mentioned that when parents are investing on tuition classes and extracurricular activities, then they should understand that by investing on a PC, they are actually investing on holistic development of their child which is equally important. He gave us some mind-blowing facts such as 89% of parents fear that they are not able to guide their children properly. He clearly mentioned that kid’s influence on technology learning increases by leaps after the age of 13. Again, I was surprised by knowing about the surveys he had done in Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities which actually concluded that seriousness attached to computing and importance of a PC  and its appreciation is much more in tier 2 and 3 cities than in Tier 1 city. And this is majorly owing to the fact of easy access to gadgets in Tier 1 cities where both the parents are working and they have more of disposable income.


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