No Turning Back

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Times were when you used to call your local taxi stand and keep your fingers crossed hoping the cab, rickety as it was, would turn up in time to take you to the airport. That tradition has been all but turned on its head by Uber Technologies, now a legitimate verb, icon of the on-demand economy and disrupter of transport in over 57 countries. It’s in a rich variety of trouble in most of those countries, but Uber is driving on regardless, never mind the potholes. With its new app-based model of ride-hailing, Uber is a fascinating study for anyone who wants to be part of the wave of startups today.

“What Uber faced can be simply categorised as teething problems that any new entrant would face. Over time the Indian government and Uber will have to meet midway to work on legal and regulation issues. However, with recent announcements by Uber, it only goes to show that it’s here to stay,” says Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief analyst & group CEO, Greyhound Research.

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