Microsoft collaborates with FKCCI to enable more than 200000 SMBS across Karnataka to adopt cloud by mid-2016

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Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), an apex organization for industry, trade and service sectors in Karnataka and Microsoft have come together to help more than 200000 SMBs across Karnataka to adopt technology with cloud computing. This will not only open more avenues for SMBs but also help them connect better with their existing customers and reach out to the potential customers across India.

Findings of a survey conducted by Greyhound Research state that organizations in Bengaluru in term s of IT maturity and deployment rank higher than other Indian counterparts. It stated that compared to the national average of 76%, only 73% organizations find it a challenge to source and deploy the right technology for their organization. Other than being a mature market for IT, Bengaluru also boasts of a conducive technology ecosystem as compared to other Indian cities. It only lags behind when it comes to having access to basic infrastructure to support organizational operations, adoption of technology can help workforce be mobile and collaborated leading to enhanced productivity.

Source: CIOIndia

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